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When you see cows grazing or lying in a field, you will notice that they often do so in groups. There are also usually one or two cows standing at a distance from the group. These cows are standing watch, looking out closely for any approaching danger.


At Cowhouse International, we use Mother Nature as our inspiration for introducing structural improvements in the living and working environments of cows. Even though cows no longer have any natural enemies, their life expectancy today is only 4 years. Genetically speaking, they could live up to 5 times that age!

“So what is going wrong?” you might ask yourself. A better question would be: “Where do we let things go wrong?” Overuse, stress, poor nutrition, insufficient exercise and poor living conditions are only a few of the ‘new enemies’ that cause modern cows to die before their time.

By imitating their natural environment as closely as possible we expect to extend the lifespan of a cow by one lactation on average. Assuming that your cows reach their break-even point halfway through their second lactation period, this represents a 100% increase of the contribution that your cows make to your profit. In other words: by optimising the quality of life you will obtain a higher return per cow, more milk and more calves in better health. This brochure includes all the products that can help you to achieve this.


If you are interested in the philosophy and products of Cowhouse International, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to visit you and share their advice or to draw up a business improvement plan. After all, if you treat your cows well, they will treat you well! Your cows deserve it…

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