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About Cowhouse International

20 years of experience

The head office of Cowhouse International is located in the province of Fryslân (Friesland), the cradle of the famous black-and-white Friesian-Holstein cows. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in delivering high-quality barn equipment, we have evolved into a national and international benchmark in the field of cow comfort.

Our concepts are characterised by high levels of innovation and are developed based on the natural behaviour of cows. We use the natural environment of cows as a template to make structural improvements to their living and working environment. We study the natural behaviour of cows using techniques including time-lapse videos and sensor technology. As well as studying cow behaviour, easing the workload is also an important consideration in the development of our products - to offer the cow and the farmer enhanced comfort.

Cowhouse maintains close contacts with international universities and research institutes in the field of animal welfare. Based on research and experiences shared by leading cattle farmers, we constantly develop and improve our products. These products are extensively trialled on our test farms.

Why farmers like to work with us

  • Listening and delivering custom-made solutions
  • It all starts with the cow
  • Passion for the dairy sector and knowledge in-house
  • Innovative
  • Over 20 years of experience


Our team consists of motivated employees with a passion for the dairy sector.

We see ourselves as the core in a close network of professional partners

As an international company in the dairy sector, we are active every day to improve the living environment of the cow. We do this worldwide by offering innovative solutions. We work together with progressive dairy farmers, knowledge institutes and suppliers. We invest a lot in research and study the behavior of cows. This enables us to maintain our leading position as an innovative barn equipment supplier.

  • Analysis of video observations and data collection
  • Product development in collaboration with. progressive dairy farmers and knowledge institutes
  • Solutions for different barn situations and climates
  • Delivery and installation
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