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All about barns

Our approach to optimal barn equipment

Thanks to its expertise and experience, Cowhouse is in a unique position to equip your barn by replicating the cow's natural living environment. 

This is essential. Equipping your barn is a long-term project for the next 10 to 15 years and making any changes during that time is not easy. Cow comfort is the leading principle and should never be an 'optional extra'. This requires a well-considered plan. After all, every barn is unique. Our team works closely with you to configure and equip your barn as optimally as possible. We listen to your wishes, but we also examine the interests of the cow. Based on this, we offer a custom-made plan.

What aspects should you consider in renovation or new build projects?

The choice between a renovation or a new build depends on many factors. Not only on the extent of the expansion, but also on the possibilities or limitations of the existing building. ‘A cow is not an adaptive animal’ you often hear researchers say. It is true that a cow cannot adapt easily. This sometimes requires additional investments to create more space.

Involve our specialists in your investment plan right from the start. They can provide you with the right advice to configure and equip your barn in the most animal-friendly and labour-efficient way. We offer the best solution for every situation.

Points to remember with renovation and new build projects:

  • Ensure the cubicles are correctly dimensioned so the cow has enough space to lie and rest in a natural position. She needs sufficient space for the forward movement of her head to enable her to lie down and stand up;
  • Provide a soft base that offers good traction and sufficient softness;
  • Ensure adequate ventilation, this will keep (relative) humidity low and the temperature optimal;
  • Ensure sufficient daylight and aim to provide light in the entire barn for 16 to 18 hours;
  • Ensure the walking routes are easily visible, both for you and for the cows. This allows you to create routes that are as short and efficient as possible, resulting in a reduced and easier labour input. A good fence and barrier plan is essential in this respect.

We build the future of your farm together

Do you want to build a new barn, renovate an existing building or enhance cow comfort? Our specialists are happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation.