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Feeding and drinking For cows

The right feeding and drinking water systems for your cows

Cows intake feed some ten to twelve times a day. It is important that every cow has the space to feed undisturbed. A dairy cow also needs to consume a large amount of drinking water every day, so she must always have unlimited access to clean, fresh drinking water.

CSL Feed Fence

Strong construction that offers the cow a safe, quiet and comfortable feeding place.



The automatic feeding system Easyfood guarantees the same continuous supply of fresh feed as in the pasture.

Easyfood in bestaande stal


With a Feedwall in one or both side walls of your barn, cows always have fresh feed available and they never have to reach for the feed.

De Feedwall


With the Cowhouse Feedstall every cow has her confined space at the feed fence, so that there is less competition and jostling is prevented. 


Water supply

Dairy cows need large amounts of drinking water every day. Limiting water intake seriously affects well-being. That is why they must always have unlimited access to clean drinking water.

Waterbak koe