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Experiences For cows

Experiences of Eelkje and Gonnie Kingma

For three years now, sisters Gonnie and Eelkje Kingma have been in charge of the daily management of a 90-head herd of dairy cows. Many changes have taken place over the past three years.

Gonnie en Eelkje Kingma

“Our goal: healthy and happy cows”

From a traditionally tie-stall barn to a spacious modern dairy farm. The dairy farm of the Smits and Theeuwes family in Ukraine has made a major transformation over the years. Two new free stall barns are completed and the existing barn has been renovated to give the cows more comfort. Both in the new and existing barn, the cows can enjoy the comfort of the Friesian Island cow mattress and Wisconsin stall divider.|

Antoon Smits

Experience Gaec de la Croisiere

At Farm of the Coursière family some cows are kept on straw bedding and other in cubicles. The farmer wished to be able to house the cows on straw as well as in the cubicles. His goal was to equalize these two types of cowbeds in terms of comfort.


Experiences of Veenstra Farms

The Veenstra brothers are real dairy farmers. The welfare of the cows is of paramount importance to them. In order to offer the right cow comfort in the existing barn, they recently invested in new cowmattresses and cubicles. 

Gebroeders Veenstra

Experiences of Albert Folkertsma

Dairy farmer Albert Folkertsma from Donkerbroek offers his herd three different types of mattresses in the barn. The cows have a choice, but one mattress is the clear favourite: the Dutch Mountain.

Albert Folkertsma