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Experiences of Albert Folkertsma

A cow rests where she is most comfortable

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Albert Folkertsma

Dairy farmer Albert Folkertsma from Donkerbroek offers his herd three different types of mattresses in the barn. The cows have a choice, but one mattress is the clear favourite: the Dutch Mountain. Albert: “The cows want the most comfortable mattress; they almost fight to get a space."

“The cubicles with the Dutch Mountain mattresses are always occupied," says Albert. I am not surprised, the farmer explains. “The cows simply sink into the softness, and the mattress has great shock-absorbing properties." It provides a comfortable surface for the cows to rest on and what Albert notices is that the cows lie down and stand up smoothly. “They can push the tip of their hoof easily into the foam. That gives them good traction. They lie down and stand up again in one smooth movement."

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“The mattress stays dry and is easy to keep clean"

The cover of the mattress is made of an elastic, breathable top layer, which moves with the cow. “A rubber top layer gets slippery and can feel a little ‘sweaty’. The mattress is protected by a water-tight, protective rubber cover, which prevents urine and manure seeping into it. That keeps the mattress dry and easy to clean," is Albert's experience. The thick foam layer is another feature that appeals to the dairy farmer. “At the front, near the brisket board, the mattress is 14 cm thick sloping nicely to 10 cm at the back."