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Why we care

Cow welfare comes first in everything we do

Cowhouse International develops its products by carefully studying cow behaviour. We use the natural environment of cows as a template to make structural improvements to their living and working environment.

By replicating the natural living environment as closely as possible, we expect to extend the cow's productive life by at least one lactation period on average. Assuming the cow reaches break-even point halfway through the second lactation period, this will double the cow’s contribution to your revenues. In other words, by optimising the quality of life, your cows will achieve a higher milk yield thanks to increased milk production and better health.

Products from Cowhouse are designed and developed to reflect this ideal image. If it was up to the cow, she would choose a spacious barn, with plenty of room to move around, lie down and stand up easily. And, of course, with lots of fresh air and sufficient light.

By incorporating sophisticated techniques and concepts, Cowhouse can deliver and install a complete range of equipment for modern dairy farms. That's why at Cowhouse we really can say we: "Care for cows".

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Our approach

We observe how cows behave in the barn environment and perform extensive research into natural behaviour. When designing and trialling our products, we work closely with dairy farmers with different types of barn systems. The aim is to develop products that offer optimum comfort for both the cow and the farmer. This is very valuable input for Cowhouse. Practical trials on working farms give us insight into the needs of our customers.

Via a network of carefully selected distributors, our products are supplied to leading dairy farms throughout Europe and beyond.

Research and analysis

To properly define and identify cow comfort, and to further optimise it, Cowhouse's specialists make intensive use of time-lapse cameras. A time-lapse camera installed in a strategic position in the barn records images for 24-96 consecutive hours. These images are then played back at a higher speed. This data provides clear insight into the behaviour of your cows in the barn. When the images are analysed, particular attention is paid to the standing and lying behaviour patterns of the cow. If a number of cows remain standing in the cubicles, this may indicate that adjustments need to be made to the cubicle configuration. It may also be a sign of leg and hoof problems which are preventing the cows from lying down.

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