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Experience Gaec de la Croisiere

“For me there is no mattress on the market that equals the Dutch Mountain.”

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At Farm of the Coursière family some cows are kept on straw bedding and other in cubicles. The farmer wished to be able to house the cows on straw as well as in the cubicles. His goal was to equalize these two types of cowbeds in terms of comfort.

We renovated the existing cubicles with Wisconsin stall dividers in combination with Dutch Mountain mattresses to provide excellent space in terms of space and comfort.

Farmer Mickael Coursière: “Our old stall dividers where twenty years old. They were too low and too short. In other words, not suitable for our big cows. Moreover, the old mattresses had become slippery and the cows had trouble standing up. The cows had limb problems and limb damage. We had to switch to well-sized and comfortable cubicles. We decided to invest in the Dutch Mountain mattresses which offer a lot of comfort with a thickness of 14 cm. For me, this mattress is unparalleled on the market. In combination with the Wisconsin stall divider the cows do not experience any obstacles when she is lying or getting up. This gives our cows a lot of freedom of movement. Today there are no more problems with shocks against the tubes and the limbs remain in good condition. The cows are doing a lot better. The cows need less time to adapt as they move from the straw bedding to the cubicles”, says the farmer satisfied.

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Dutch Mountain

Before the renovation, in April 2019, our salesperson made a time-lapse video to study the positioning of the cows. After the renovation, in February 2022, he again made a time lapse video to compare the situation. You can see that the cows lie down and get up faster and the cows are more relaxed.

Watch the time-lapse video below:

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