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Dreamstall stall divider For cows

Dreamstall stall divider; Offers the cow all the freedom she needs

The Dreamstall is the first freestall system in which cows can adopt any natural standing and lying position. The unique features are the absence of neckrail and vertical dividers.

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'No neckrail and conventional dividers anymore'

After years of research Cowhouse has succeeded in creating a resting place for a cow which can accommodate all her natural body positions. The new freestall system called “Dreamstall” offers her all the freedom she needs when standing or lying down. 

The neckrail has been replaced by two spherical bodies with a gap in between allowing the cow to stand with her head up. This is important as she has a limited field of vision and needs to look around to see if there is any danger from predators.

The conventional dividers have been replaced by horizontal guiding frames for positioning the cow straight in the stall. In this way the stallbase can be made significantly wider without compromising stall-cleanliness. Cows will be able to rest in every natural body-position without restrictions from pipes or neighbouring cows.

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Spherical bodies

To allow a cow standing in the stall with her head-up, the neckrail has been removed and replaced by two spherical bodies with a 40 cm wide gap in between. When entering the stall the cow stops on the right position as soon as she touches the two bodies on her shoulders. She can stand now with all her legs in the stall. She can move her head freely up and down without any limitations. The spherical bodies are liftable for extra comfort when she stands up.


To allow cows lying in every natural body position, the vertical dividers have been removed and replaced by horizontal guiding-frames. There is a gap of 90 cm between the frames.

When a cow enters the stall she will be positioned straight between the two guiding-frames. Once lying, she does not touch any dividers and she has plenty of space around her. The Dreamstall can be made as wide as you would like. Stall cleanliness will not be an issue anymore. We recommend a stall width of 140 - 160 cm.

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Cowhouse expects to officially launch the new stall divider on the market in early 2024.

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