No-Thru stall divider For cows

No-Thru stall divider

For situations in the barn where it is not desirable that cows leave the box at the front.

Images of No-Thru stall divider

Friesian Island
No Thru ligbox in praktijk
No Thru ligbox
No Thru ligbox
No Thru ligbox
No Thru met spandband
No Thru ligbox met spanband


An important feature of the Wisconsin stall divider is that the cow, just like in nature, has an escape. It will make her feel safer in the barn. In an emergency situation, like when determining ranking or on heat, she will have a safe way out, without the risk of damaging her back.

For situations in the barn where it is not desirable that cows leave the box at the front, we have a couple of No-Thru options in our program:

  • Wisconsin stall divider model No-Thru
  • Strap holder single and double row
  • 2” tube double row

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