Skywall For cows

Skywall; Automatic side wall ventilation

In order to be able to anticipate on the unstable weather conditions, the Cowhouse All Weather Skywall is crucial in order to create an optimal climate for your cows.

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The system opens and closes automatically due to the motor which is controlled by a thermostat. The Skywall allows a great deal of light to come in and functions as insulation during cold weather.

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Why Cowhouse is the perfect partner

  • Innovative

    Day in, day out, we work on innovating, developing and optimising our products. We achieve this through our own research in cooperation with cattle farmers, universities and research institutes in the field of animal welfare.

  • It all starts with the cow

    All our products have been developed to take cow welfare to a higher level. We look at everything from the cow's perspective to experience what she truly needs.

  • Passion for the dairy sector and knowledge in-house

    We work with people with a passion for the agricultural sector and 'a click with cows'.  They have wide experience and often have a background in dairy farming. We also work closely with external partners and cattle farmers.

  • Listening and delivering custom-made solutions

    We are convinced that each barn requires a custom-made solution. We listen to your wishes and offer advice tailored to your specific situation. Short communication lines enable a rapid response and we value maintaining close, personal contact.

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